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WHY AN OFFSHORE ACCOUNT | The offshore bank account, our speciality

Fiscal Reasons

Multiplying economic and tax pressures is generally the justification for opening a bank account outside your country of residence. Tax Planning is often seen as a way to escape from paying taxes. It is on the contrary an international way of organizing a business or capital. It involves putting into practice what the laws allow to do on an international level to save money, reduce taxes and benefit from the best international taxation.

So opening an offshore account legally offers many tax advantages.

No tax on capital deposits

Offshore banks are regulated by the laws of a foreign country. Capital deposits are exempt from tax which is not the case with domestic banks.

Often zero taxation on interest earned.

Many jurisdictions don't deduct any tax on interest earned on your offshore capital.

No inheritance tax

Due to the confidentiality of foreign banks, you can make the most advantageous tax arrangements regarding death duties on your assets invested overseas.

Economical Reasons

Capital protection

Information regarding the bearer of an account offshore is strictly confidential. The funds invested abroad are therefore secured. You can protect your money from potential creditors or problems in your country of residence.

Benefit from advantageous investment solutions

Our partners offer a full range of investment products offering you a yield on your capital according to a pre-defined level of risk. These investment solutions are often more advantageous than in your native country.

Organise your activities more efficiently

Are you an expatriate? Does your company conduct business internationally? With an offshore account in the country where you are operating, you can avoid international transactions and reduce transaction charges and the processing time of operations in order to optimise your financial flows.

Manage several currencies with a single account

So you can conduct transactions with local means of payment, make transfers and pay invoices in local or foreign currencies.

Reduce your bank charges

Offshore bank accounts often offer management and transaction charges that are much lower than domestic accounts.

Reduce your exchange costs

With the multi-currency accounts offered by a number of our partners, you can benefit from a very advantageous exchange rate.

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