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FBS Banking™ is the ideal operator for opening your offshore banking account. Our company has many partners, which allows it to interact with internationally recognized banking groups and offer you a complete range of banking optimization services abroad.
When it was established in 1997, FBS Banking™ was based in one of the main financial business center: City of London. Today, its teams, composed of qualified experts in offshore banking, are spread between London, Ashford and Riga in Latvia. The members of FBS Banking ™ are bilingual French-English and English-Russian, which guarantees an exceptional quality of listening and service.
FBS Banking™ has been part of the SIMPLE Group since 2001. The company can therefore offer its clients a full range of tax planning services abroad.
Before going any further, it is necessary to define the main activity around which all the services of FBS Banking™: offshore banking.

Offshore Banking ?

The term “offshore banking” refers to all banking services provided by financial institutions located abroad, that is, outside of your country of residence.
Offshore banking is aimed at individuals and companies wishing to relocate all or part of their assets and income.
The purpose are numerous: protecting a capital, increase a capital, or making substantial tax savings.

The Benefits of an Offshore Bank Account

Using an offshore bank allows you to enjoy many benefits, in order for  your capital to increase safely.

Often zero taxation on funds deposited and interest generated on the account


Confidentiality on operations due to the banker’s duty of discretion

Investment solutions more advantageous than in your country of origin

The possibility of creating a capital that can not be seized by potential creditors

A personal advisor in asset management

Extremely low management fees in some countries

Offshore locations

The most well-known places in offshore banking are of course the jurisdictions in which the banking and financial sector enjoys a favorable environment: Low tax rates, bank secrecy, economic and political stability, etc.

The best known examples are Switzerland, United Kingdom and the small territories of Europe such as Monaco, Luxembourg and the Isle of Man. However, the international situation and laws are changing. Thus, new financial centers become more competitive and attractive for foreign investors.
FBS Banking™ follows these developments and can offer you the solution that is not only the safest and most profitable but also the best suited to your ambition and your situation.

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