About our Anonymous bank Cards

FBS Banking™ offers a top of the range of offshore bank cards:

You can enjoy an anonymous international debit card (Visa or MasterCard) in Euro. These offshore bank cards in EUR or USD allow you to withdraw cash anywhere in the world 24/24 and to make your purchases on the Internet.

Some cards are simply connected to an IBAN number and can be recharged at by a simple SWIFT or SEPA bank transfer.

These offshore bank cards do not necessarily require opening or having a traditional bank account. FBS Banking™ offshores are the ideal solution to have your funds available anywhere, at any time, discreetly.

The following cards can be offered:

  • Visa Premier Offshore
  • Visa Infinite Offshore
  • American Exress
  • Centurion Cards
  • Visa Anonymous Cards
  • Cards Mastercard Anonymous
  • Offshore Credit Cards


We are concerned about confidentiality from the first contact. You can click on the button below to receive additional information about our services and a study adapted to your situation.

Without obligation on your part and in discretion

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