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For more than  20 years, FBS Banking™ offers simple and effective for, individuals and professionals, bank opening account leads to a great development in a total legality !

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FBS Banking™ guarantees easy access to multiple jurisdictions around the world through a strong network of international banking partners.



Choosing FBS Banking™ means choosing quality expertise and a unique service. With us, your assets will be securely secured and always available for your investments or expenses.



Through its network of banking experts, FBS Banking™ offers you the best advice to optimize your income and offshore assets.

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You are an individual and would like to discover our banking solutions? Our experienced teams will be there to advise and guide you, at best, on the onshore or offshore solution that will suit you.

Several thousand customers trust us every day, giving us the honor to manage their bank accounts. So, do not hesitate anymore !






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You are an entrepreneur and would like to take advantage of a bank account abroad? FBS Banking™ has 20 years of experience in offshore and onshore Banking, and thousands of bank accounts opened for all these years.

Whether you have already taken steps or not, our advisors are at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. Call us !







18 trillions of dollarsoffshore in the world, more than 70% of the worldwide economy



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FBS Banking™
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Within 20 years of experience in the offshore banking sector, FBS Banking™ has developed and its locations have varied. Indeed, if the headquarters and the management are still abroad, the VIP services section “Wealth management” is located in Switzerland, in Geneva. FBS Banking™ has also retained its offices in the UK for customer service. FBS Banking™ has a large number of partnerships in many jurisdictions. These partnerships have grown stronger and stronger through the years in terms of trust and privilege.

When it was funded in 1997, FBS Banking™ was based in one of the main business financial centers: City of London. Today, its teams, composed of qualified experts in offshore banking, are spread between London, Ashford and Riga in Latvia. The members of FBS Banking™ are bilingual French-English and English-Russian, which guarantees an exceptional quality of listening and service. FBS Banking™ is part of SIMPLE Group – a business conglomerate of companies whose main business is tax optimization. This group has become one of the most important international groups in terms of “tax optimization and legal advice”. Thanks to the support of SIMPLE Group’s other specialized companies and the strength of its network, FBS Banking™ has the best synergies and international legal and tax advice.

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