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Why open a bank account in Luxembourg ?

The banking sector is the mainstay of Luxembourg’s financial universe, as the other players in this financial centre need it to function, cooperate and manage financial flows. It is understandable that you would like to open an offshore bank account in this jurisdiction. Indeed, the excellent quality and the wide range of services offered by banks in Luxembourg have made the reputation of this country. Indeed, unlike banks in some countries, Luxembourg banks understand what the word “client” means. Moreover, Luxembourg is a jurisdiction in which you will find great security for your investments.

The advantages of opening an offshore bank account in this jurisdiction with FBS Banking™ are numerous. You will benefit from a personalized follow-up and a management in complete safety. You will also get tax benefits and a location in the European Union. In addition, Luxembourg banks offer a full range of international banking services and multilingual expertise.

The Luxembourg government and the players of the financial centre of this country are actively involved in the fight against money laundering since 1998. This makes opening a bank account very difficult and uncertain. If you were interested in an introduction to Luxembourg, it would be highly advisable to have a bank introducer able to justify your request to the bank. FBS Banking™, with its more than 20 years experience in offshore banking, can help you in this process and guarantee you the opening of an account quickly.

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Luxembourg is considered a haven of peace in a Europe in crisis, which is why it attracts many investors and entrepreneurs, especially from the financial sector. Its political stability, its high standard of living, its cosmopolitan population and its attractive tax system make it a prime place for the creation of offshore companies. Even if the Luxembourg authorities refuse this label, journalists and economists consider the country as a tax haven. Luxembourg offers a number of advantageous plans for holding companies, such as companies with financial participation or real estate companies in Luxembourg, which are exempt from tax in Luxembourg for their operations in France.

For a lambda company, Luxembourg remains advantageous in tax matters. Indeed, the corporate tax is lightened and varies from 20 to 22%. There is no business tax and flexibility for overhead. In addition, VAT, which is 17%, is very low according to the products and services. Indeed, it decreases up to 8% for the trade of flowers or works of art, to arrive at 3% with regard to food products.

Finally, social costs are among the lowest in Europe (around 25% for employee’s cost + employers’ contributions) and social security coverage is exemplary, which is important for people wishing to go abroad.

Few words about Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a landlocked European country, without access to the sea. France, Belgium and Germany surround it. It is composed of two regions: the Oesling and the Gutland. Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign nations in Europe. This country is a constitutional monarchy whose head of state is the Grand Duke. It is a founding member of the European Union, NATO, OECD and the UN, which shows us the consensus of the country in favour of political, economic and military integration. The capital of the country has the headquarters of some institutions of the European Union.

The economy of Luxembourg is very dynamic. It is one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world. According to the IMF, its GDP per capita is the highest in the world. The economy of this country depends mainly on the banking sector.

Indeed, financial activities are numerous thanks to an attractive tax system and account for half of the GDP. For fifteen years, the country has become the most important place in the investment fund market in Europe. The standard of living in Luxembourg is very high, which is reflected in the supply of consumption, which is more upscale than in the countries bordering Luxembourg. Luxembourg’s minimum wage is the highest in the European Union.

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