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Why open a bank account in Switzerland ?

Whether it is to protect your savings, inheritance or salary, or to repatriate dividends, the Swiss banking system offers many advantages. You will benefit from a full range of international banking services, investment solutions, excellent Swiss services, very competitive savings and personalized management of the capital of your offshore company.

In order to preserve its reputation, Switzerland must remain a “clean” financial centre. The fight against money laundering is important and imposes very strict banking standards. It is therefore much simpler for a non-resident to open a bank account in Switzerland by a known and trusted intermediary. FBS Banking, with its 20 years’ experience in offshore and its trusted banking partners, offers you a quick and easy way to open your bank account in Switzerland.

Benefits of the Switzerland


in terms of tax optimisation


in Europe



Switzerland is often considered one of the largest financial havens in the world. Indeed, this country has many advantages in terms of tax optimization. In Switzerland, there is no taxation on capital gains, which means that the capital gains generated by the management of a private asset are not taxable. There is also no imposition on estates or donations.

As far as companies are concerned, taxation is low. Although the Swiss tax system is marked by the federal structure of the country (taxation at the federal, cantonal and communal levels), compared to other European countries, corporate taxes remain very low. Federal taxes on profits are 8.5%, cantonal tax on profits ranges between 5.9% and 16% according to the cantons, and the cantonal tax on capital is between 0.05 and 0, 3%. The total tax burden is thus between 14.5 and 25%.

Tax optimization measures can be offered to companies according to their canton and their activity. Moreover, VAT is the lowest in Europe with a rate of 8%, down to 3.8% for hotels and 2.5% for basic goods, while some goods and services as medical care is exempt. The advantages of creating an offshore company in Switzerland are numerous: no business tax, efficient administration, low VAT, one of the best banking systems in the world, possibility of anonymity, etc.

Switzerland is in the top 5 of the largest foreign exchange reserves behind China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Russia. This sector, characterized by its stability and discretion stemming from banking secrecy, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is the country’s reputation abroad. That is why Switzerland attracts large amounts of offshore capital.

However, although Switzerland is known as one of the world’s leading private fundraisers thanks to its attractive tax system, banking secrecy is less powerful than before. The evolution of society has led to its development and a judge may waive this secrecy at the request of a third State in the case of a common law offense or in the event of a breach of Swiss criminal law. Moreover, the automatic exchange of information established on the international scene no longer leaves room for the old privacy.

Few words about Switzerland

Switzerland is a Federal Republic composed of 26 cantons. Its capital is Bern. This country is located in Western Europe, between France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein. It is part of Schengen area but not of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

The country’s economy is one of the most prosperous in the world despite its lack of raw materials and fossil fuels. Its focus on services enables it to produce high value-added goods and have the world’s fourth-largest nominal GDP per capita. The majority of jobs are in the tertiary sector, thanks to the importance of financial activities and the Swiss education system.

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